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SEC Approves Bitcoin SPOT ETF.

Gary Gensler approves the Bitcoin SPOT ETF.

Amongst the Bitcoin Bros, this is staggering news. For those who have been examining the markets for more than a decade and understand the value of bitcoin, this is powerful news for those investing or not. Bitcoin is not inflationary. That is the key element of why this asset is extremely valuable, especially with the questionable monetary policy that has been executed by the Federal Reserve. Who knows what other activities that we might not be aware of between the Fed, banks, and alternative asset owners are dealing, that affect you and i.

With this ETF approval, institutional money will enter, and pour their money into it to accumulate bitcoin because, I think, they finally understand the power of the asset. Additionally, Registered Investment Advisors, who are tied to their clients, will suggest this asset, whom they are tied to their brokers, in hopes of getting referral fees. Retail money will also enter into the market. So, ultimately, prices will go up. The point is, there is different motivational factors behind the accumulation of bitcoin.

Accumulate as much, because of the scarcity element of bitcoin. It is a hedge against human nature of manipulation, which happens to be a core of economics and an education won't teach you that.

Your goal is to accumulate 1 bitcoin and hold, until the FED gets their act together.

Godspeed, J

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