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BTC ETF Announcement: To Hold or Not to Hold

Dear all,

There’s a strong likelihood of the ETFs to be passed. 

List of companies that have applied for the BTC Spot ETF.

Mark your calendar for January 8th (Or days after January 2nd or before Feburary)– it's a super important day! Steven McClurg, the big boss at Valkyrie Investments, thinks these ETFs will get the thumbs up from regulators. He's really sure and says it confidently in a video you can watch at (start at 3:45). Also, many of these ETF applications might be approved all at once.

If these applications get the green light, loads of money could flow into the world of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Fred Krueger talks about this in his presentation, which you can check out here: Krueger looks back at what happened with the financialization of gold in 2004; lots of people bought into the ETF and its price went up. He thinks the same could happen to Bitcoin if these applications get the thumbs up. Fred believes that trading will start about a month after the approval.

As I've been saying, ETFs and the financialization of BTC are a big deal for Bitcoin.

Now, here's the big question: If ETFs are approved, do we keep holding onto our Bitcoin?

Yes and no.

We can sell some of what we invested to break even and let the rest of our Bitcoin grow. But, you know what? The market looks promising after these ETFs are approved. It will attract more money, making the value go up, but it might take some time. So, if you're planning to hold onto your Bitcoin for a long time, keeping everything might be the way to go.

Will people sell the news? Yep. So, expect prices to go down for a bit, but they should bounce back in the long run because more and more people will start buying into the Bitcoin ETFs. I'm saying this because not everyone has jumped on the Bitcoin train yet. So, there's still a lot of room for it to grow.



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